Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm a mermaid!

  I might actually need a fishtail before I can call myself a mermaid, but my hair makes me feel mermaid-ish (does that word even exist?). About two weeks ago, I suddenly felt an undeniable urge to dye the bottom of my hair turquoise. So I bought a tub of La Riche Directions dye in the colour Turquoise and dyed my hair. Talk about making impulsive decisions :').

I'm quite surprised to see that it actually turned out bright turquoise, because I didn't bleach it first. Of course it would've been more vibrant if I bleached it first, but I really like the colour as it is. I've washed it a few times now and it has turned into an almost mint green colour, which I think is lovely. Better than pink, which faded superfast and turned into an awful orange colour on my hair. I'm not sure how long I'll like this colour, but I don't think I'll get bored of it easily. After all, it makes me feel like a mermaid.

Have a nice day!

PS If you'd like to see a video on how I dye my hair, please let me know in the comments!

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